Renault Trucks Steps into the Future of Zero-Emission with Electric Series

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October 6, 2018
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Renault Trucks Steps into the Future of Zero-Emission with Electric Series

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The French commercial and military trucks maker company, Renault Trucks, in its recent bid to enter the race of all-electric trucks have announced its intentions this year. With their all-new series of ZE, powered by electric energy and 0-emission and noiseless engine the company is making its debut launch at the Freight Expo in London, in November this year. As for chiller van rental companies, there is a good news since Renault ZE features all-electric powered chiller van with the refrigerated unit powered by ThermoKing.

chiller van rental news renault master urban chiller ukRenault Trucks, at the London Expo, will also be featuring its standalone chiller truck, Master Urban Chiller, which is specially designed for transporting perishable products in urban areas with heavy traffic surge. The freight in the City Expo in London aims to power future trucks with electric energy to save the urban areas from excess air pollution and noise pollution. Trucks are the most gas consuming and carbon emitting vehicles moving in urban areas. With this initiative, an awareness among the truck manufacturing companies is expected to aim for carbon-free atmosphere with 0-emission of gas.

With Daimler and Volvo being the major car makers who are already delivering electric-powered trucks, Renault Trucks will be making its debut at the expo. Renault Trucks’ ‘Ready for Business’ range will be featuring three major vehicles depending on their truckload and electric motors. Truckload will be ranging from 3 Ton and 16 Ton to 27-ton truckload. So from a small 3-ton electric chiller truck to a supersize dumpster that is all electric and having no noise is something to crow about.

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