How Dubai Municipality is Regulating Food Safety

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How Dubai Municipality is Regulating Food Safety

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What does Food Safety mean for consumers & merchandisers?

food-safety-dubaiAt the Dubai International Food Safety Conference, the Food Safety department had an important announcement.  The commission took upon themselves to regulate all restaurants for quality food and nutrition standards. The new food safety department, set up under the umbrella of Dubai Municipality, is working tirelessly to standardise food merchandisers. Before marketing their food items, all food merchandisers have to validate them from Food Safety Department.

In other words, all food supply chains and food establishments need to corroborate their claims of healthy and nutritious food. That is before they can market it. Speaking at the 10th DIFSC event, Khalid Sharif, the executive director of food safety department, stressed the need for healthy food. “Everyone likes healthy food, but when someone claims why it’s healthy, they need to provide evidence.” says Mr Sharif.

In the light of the above policies and regulations, the food safety department has established a point scoring and colour scheme methodology. Additionally, they have more than 60 food inspectors to verify food quality on daily basis and present reports. A good restaurant or food merchandise with a good rating will have a green card. On the other hand, a red card would signify there has been negligence in food quality.

The Government has taken this initiative for making sure people in Dubai eats what they are promised in the Ads, and what they pay for. The website has been in place to provide complete transparency and to make this idea a reality through mutual collaboration.

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