Middle East Gets its First Nutella Cafe at DXB

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Middle East Gets its First Nutella Cafe at DXB

So this September onwards the Dubai International Airport (DXB) is getting a bit yummier when you visit its Eataly Mall. The first of its kind in the Gulf Countries and the first one to be opened at an international airport, the Nutella Cafe at DXB is sure to delight the visitors now. This food savvy news is brought to you by Refrigerator Transport, leading and trusted refrigerated transport services in Dubai. A large fleet of chiller vans rental and chiller truck rental company with a can-do attitude towards consignment fulfilment no matter what.

chiller-van-rental-dubai-news-nutella-cafeA great news for Nutella lovers to enjoy the spreading on a variety of pancakes, waffles and muffins to name a few. Ferrero, the company behind the brand; Nutella, in partnership with Dubai’s leading food and hospitality brand; HWH have jointly started this venture. The cafe boasts as the first standalone Nutella brand at the DXB food mall Eately. Besides the spreadings, the Nutella cafe also features a bar and a beautiful food truck serving cookies and bread and desserts boasting the spread.

Apart from servings, the cafe has an innovative approach towards promoting the brand. Visitors can also order a customized jar featuring their names or their loved ones as a gift. The Idea of Nutella Cafe franchises globally has been started by the brand in May last year. With its first outlet opened in Chicago last year, the company has already opened several doors to Nutella fans in the US, Australia, Canada, Palestine and some European countries. The DXB Nutella cafe is the first one to be opened in the Gulf countries and probably the 13th overall.


With Nutella Cafe, the brand is obviously reaching out to the fans and chocolate lovers with an idea to enjoy the spread on their favourite food delights. So when you visit a Nutella Cafe, whether you are in Dubai Airport, in Italy, New York City, Melbourne, Toronto or perhaps the Palestinian city of Ramallah Nutella is not just a chocolate spread but more than that. Expect a delicious chocolate burger or a pizza stuffed with chocolate, a Nutella spread muffin or perhaps a savoury pancake made of your favourite Nutella spreading. The idea has already gained a lot of attention by Nutella fans and every new Nutella Cafe is found crowded on its opening day, it becomes impossible to grab your favourite Nutella snake on the 1st Day. People are literally going Nuts for it since the Nutella is already a famous brand around the world.

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