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Toyota Hiace: Our Brand New Freezer Van – Chiller Van Ready for Hire

Chiller Van Rental

Looking for a good Chiller Van Rental company in dubai? You can get lost, try Refrigerator Transport services for fast and reliable delivery. 

Available 24/7 for daily 9 hours of service except for Friday. Get the best rates for chiller van rental. Chiller van or freezer van is best of low quantity product delivery upto 1 ton in wight. 

From freezer van rental to freezer truck rental, we have availability for all weights including chiller van. 

Refrigerator Transport focus on your needs thats why we provide all kinds of freezer vehicle rental.

Therefore, we introduce chiller van rental or freezer van for customers who have limited needs.

So now you know which vehicle is suitable for you. Our refrigerated vans are available around the clock.

We have Toyota Hiace for Chiller Van Rental, with and without driver for rent on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Refrigerated transport capacity upto 1 ton.

Need a Toyota Hiace? Get a Quote Now

Our Chiller Van has advanced cooling system, so it can keep any kind of product stay fresh, frozen if you want it and healthy  We can deliver your products anywhere in dubai. At Refrigerator Transport we care for customers needs, hence why we try to give them best possible service.

Chiller Van Rental

Our Commitments

  1. Provide you with best possible rates, hence economy and affordability for you.
  2. Provide you completely clean and hygienic vehicles, so your products stay fresh & healthy.
  3.  9 hours of daily working hours, except Friday.
  4. Fuel Receipts available at all times, hence complete transparency.
  5. We believe in honesty and trustworthiness, so you can trust on us.

Customers Commitments

  1. Customer shall be liable for toll charges so, customer shall bear cost for Salik / Toll charges.
  2. Cost of fuel incurs on customer so, the customer pays for fuel consumption charges.

Chiller Van Services


Frozen Food Transport

Chilled food requires freezing temperature that is -18°c. Our chiller vans are best available anytime for your frozen food transport therefore, look no further and hire our chiller van today.

Fresh Food Transport

Sometimes you don’t need a freezing temperature. All you need is a moderate temperature to keep things fresh. Rather, in that case you need a temperature between 5 to 0°c.Consequently, there are other products like medicine or liquid transport.

Hence, there are more variations for the temperature.

Hire Our Freezer Van Now
Fresh Food Chiller Van Transport

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